Migraine Relief for 5 Million Sufferers … A Vision for 2017

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Migraine Relief for 5 Million Sufferers … A Vision for 2017

Migraine Relief for 5 Million Sufferers … A Vision for 2017

Imagine the day when Migraine gets the same kind of respect as MS, Diabetes or Autism. Migraine is NOT just a headache, yet migraine has a serious brand problem. Perception doesn’t match reality and too many people still think migraines are bad headaches that stressed out women get at that time of the month. Those of us who suffer from migraines can attest that it’s a multi-symptom, genetic neurological condition that affects men, women and children.

Getting that message across to a Global audience is one of the highest priorities in 2017 for the patient awareness and fundraising arm of the American Headache Society, according to their chairman. It’s also a mission for a team of dedicated scientists at Regenex Laboratories, whose vision is to help 5 million people to be pain free.


At this year’s American Headache Society conference, Dr. David Dodick presented the initial plans for a major new 2017 Migraine Awareness Campaign that the AMF is betting will break through in a big way. It’s focus: “to education and inform, and then build empathy and action.”

And recently I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the major players in the Migraine Treatment industry and discuss their latest breakthrough in treatment, plus their vision for 2017.

CEO of Regenex Laboratories, Mark Linford, outlined their bold plans to bring relief to 5 million sufferers worldwide and he touched on a bold offer to allow those 5 million people to get access to their treatment program at a very low cost.

Mark Linford is CEO of Regenex Laboratories, an internationally recognised company who manufactures one of the worlds biggest selling Magnesium supplement, called Migraine Stop. Mark can you tell us your companies vision to bring Migraine Relief to 5 million people?

Thanks Brandon. Well as Dr Carolyn Dean rightly points out in her popular video sessions, Magnesium has the ability to penetrate the soft muscle tissue in the neck and shoulders, relaxing all the muscles in that area, evening out the blood flow to the brain. If you have regular blood flow (like the majority of the population) you then do not get a migraine. It’s that simple. And Magnesium is the number 1 mineral that science has at its disposal to carry out that function and we want to show the world just how powerful Magnesium is in prevention of Migraine pain.

Well if it’s that simple why doesn’t the medical world just tell all their patients to take Magnesium?

Oh …. Why indeed? Maybe I am being harsh on the mainstream medical fraternity and perhaps they know that just magnesium (on it’s own) is poorly absorbed, but the sceptic in me says its because they cant write a script for magnesium and so there’s no kick backs in it for them. I am not sure the real answer, but all I know is that most of them know that magnesium helps, but very few of them tell their patients about it. From that I’ll let you work out the answer. And as a bizarre example, when a migraine sufferer is admitted to hospital and put on a drip to recover, it is most often a magnesium solution that is administered to the patient, so the medicos know the secrets of magnesium but are keeping it quiet.

Well you just said magnesium is poorly absorbed and won’t help most people. So I am confused, how do you make it work?

Yes Brandon its true that just taking Magnesium on its own as a supplement probably wont help most people. Magnesium taken orally is usually poorly absorbed by our bodies and we retain only around 20% of it, so a migraine sufferer would have to take massive quantities orally for it to have any effects and that could mean up to 10 or 12 tablets a day. But there is a great deal of research done on magnesium absorption, literally hundreds of studies and a process was discovered a few years ago which dramatically improves the absorption rate of the magnesium by up to 4 times so people now absorb more than 80% of the magnesium in the supplement, if its manufactured using the right process.

So tell us about this process. How is it done and why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well essentially it involves combining Magnesium with B group vitamins (particularly B6) and in our case we also use Zinc. Also the use of multiple types of Magnesium, particularly those bonded to a chelate or amino acid, dramatically improves absorption. It’s not a simple process and just taking those things separately won’t work the same. But we have developed a technique to combine 3 types of Magnesium, with all the critical co-factors in the right ratio, for optimum performance. And we also combined 2 other great compounds, being Cramp Bark and Passionflower, which are essential to the relief process. If I can put my sales hat on here for a moment I can say that our product dosage, which contains 300 mg of bio available magnesium, is equivalent of someone receiving 600mg of pure magnesium from other sources.

Well that’s interesting. Now I believe your company has come up with a really different vision to assist Migraine Sufferers in relieving their pain. Can you explain how you go about it and why?

Yes we believe so much in the ability of our product to do what we say it will, we want to go out to 5 million sufferers globally with an opportunity to try our activated Magnesium for themselves with no financial burden or risk. We start that process by offering a 30 day product trial an investment as little as $19.95 and then we even guarantee to refund that if it doesn’t work as they hoped. We look at it like this; we could spend hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even millions of dollars on conventional advertising trying to convince people it works, or we can just give it to them at less than cost, support it with an unconditional money back guarantee, and let them try. Now if your product that actually works, then the second method is the best. It’s all about whether you have the conviction to go ahead and make an offer like that. We really want to help as many people as possible to experience pain prevention for life.

That’s very impressive and certainly innovative. Can I reveal in this article how people can be part of that great vision?

Brandon I am more than happy to provide the opportunity for people to get the 30-day trial. There is a link they can go to that has full instructions on how to get it. The first bottle will last 30-45 days, depending on what starting dose the customer chooses. Here is the link http://www.migrainestop.co.nz/new-migraine-relief

So if you are giving a full months supply of your product for only $19.95 surely there are a few tricks attached. Can you tell us what the customers are getting themselves into?

There are no tricks at all. One of the things most people hate is auto-shipping, where companies send you products every month and charge your credit card over and over. We go to great lengths to explain that our company is strictly against this practice and when it comes time to order the product again it’s completely up to the customer if they continue on the program, but if the product performs then no doubt they will.

New Migraine Relief

The interviewer is Brandon Godwin, marketing manager at GDI Inc, a Florida based distributor of natural products for health and wellbeing

For more information on Migraine Stop visit http://www.migrainestop.co.nz

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