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50% of Migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium … could you be one of them? Learn why supplementing with standard Magnesium can be a waste of time. Below you can view an offer to try the activated Magnesium found in Migraine Stop for 30 days at a $30.00 discount off the normal price, with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Pay only $19.95 for a 30-day supply and qualify for free shipping on all orders placed before midnight tonight. Read more

New research shows that 50% of all Migraine sufferers are deficient in Magnesium …. so why doesn’t Magnesium supplementation work for my migraines ?

In the last 3 years new research conducted at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the New England Centre for Headache at Stamford University in the USA has uncovered a link between Migraine sufferers and magnesium serum levels, with the conclusion Magnesium can effectively be used for the treatment of ongoing Migraine headache.

Further research shows that 40-50% of all migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium showing a link between magnesium deficiency and migraine, so why is supplementation with standard Magnesium usually ineffective?

This vital mineral is critical in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body and Dr. Marc Sircus, Director of the International Medical Veritas Association once said “there is a power and a force in magnesium that cannot be equaled anywhere else in the world of medicine”

In 2012, the American Headache Society and the American Academy of Neurology reviewed the studies on medications used for migraine prevention and rated magnesium as being “more probably effective and should be considered for patients requiring migraine preventive therapy”.

So is avoiding migraines as simple as taking a magnesium supplement? No it is not and here is the reason why supplementation with standard magnesium usually doesn’t work.

While magnesium given by IV does seem to work miracles, it’s pretty hard to give yourself an IV drip at home, and in supplement form plain magnesium (on it’s own) doesn’t enter the blood stream or into the critical soft muscle tissue. It needs to be combined with other selected B group vitamins and minerals, known as co-factors, for it to enter the blood stream.

So if you take a regular magnesium supplement, like one you might find in your local pharmacy or supermarket, it will have little or no effect on your migraine frequency or severity, as most of it will just pass through your body and flush out in your urine. Maybe you’ve been there before and already know the outcome.

But in Migraine Stop, developed with the help of leading doctors, professors and clinical researchers from Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the magnesium is activated by bonding it with other co-factors (B2, B3, B6 & Zinc), so it has the best chance of crossing the blood brain barrier and relieving your pain and helping prevent future migraines. Activation of Magnesium with the correct co-factors improves bio-availability (absorption) into the body by 4 times over standard Magnesium.

We added all 3 of the best forms of magnesium into one capsule, then we added B group vitamins and zinc to allow the magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier. This activated magnesium alone is incredibly powerful but we knew that in order to add weight to the formulation we also need a natural solution to the anxiety and stress that often accompanies migraine pain.

To assist with the anxiety that often accompanies Migraine, we have added B9 in the form of Folinic Acid, along with Cramp Bark and Passionflower.

So Will Migraine Stop work for everyone?

No, we can’t promise that. As a Migraine sufferer we don’t have to tell you that migraines are triggered by a huge range of factors, but research has definitively shown that around 50% of migrainers exhibit a magnesium deficiency, so if you fall into that category then Migraine Stop will definitely help you. If you’re not magnesium deficient then it may not be of any use, but that’s exactly why we offer a full money-back guarantee (plus the first bottle at less than half price) so you can try it without risk.

We really want you to be one of those in the 50% group so we can help you, but just in case you’re not, then we want you to know we will support you by giving you your money back. But what if you never try it – you’ll never know.

So why not grab a bottle today and give it a go for the next 30 days. If it doesn’t work then send us back the empty bottle and we’ll give you your money back. We’ll be just as disappointed as you that it didn’t work, but at least the exercise wont have cost you anything, and if it does work we’ll both be very happy.

You can try a full size bottle for $30 off the regular price. That’s a full 30-day supply for only $19.95, and we will even include FREE shipping on your first order (in Australia, NZ, UK & USA). And if you love it, which I am sure you will, you might even write us a review on our Facebook page or on Amazon, like the many other thousands of satisfied customers, once you’ve used your first bottle. Remember that Migraine Stop is 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, you’ll get a full cash back refund.

If you are suffering from mild to severe migraines, or any other cramp or tension related pain, click here to claim $30 off your first full bottle of Migraine Stop (and pay only $19.95) and see how powerful it is for yourself! Just enter your email address on the next page and you’ll receive an instant discount code and instructions on how to order online and take $30.00 off the price.

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