New Migraine Supplement Helps Sufferers Live Pain Free

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New Migraine Supplement Helps Sufferers Live Pain Free

A new magnesium based supplement, developed in Australia for New Zealand based Regenex Laboratories is making history with over one hundred thousand active users across the world already in it first month on the market. The natural supplement, marketed under the name Migraine Stop, is a magnesium based product but is manufactured using proprietary technology that boosts the potential uptake of the magnesium by up to 4 times.


Doctors will correctly tell you that taking magnesium on its own is often pointless, as the magnesium has poor bio-availability (uptake into the body) and most of it just goes straight through our system with little or no effect at all.


In a recent interview Regenex Laboratories CEO, Mark Linford, explained how Migraine Stop is different and has distinct advantages. “Our product combines magnesium with Vitamin B6 & Zinc and these 2 additional components are referred to as co-factors. There is solid scientific evidence to show that these co-factors bond to the magnesium to allow it to cross the blood brain barrier and enter the blood stream, where it needs to be to do the work.”


“That’s why our product has been a runaway success and has been able to provide chronic migraine sufferers with relief. Its important to note our product is not a pain reliever, but a preventative and becomes part of a daily supplement regime to improve lifestyle.’


“We are about to launch the product in Australia now”, said Mr Linford, “and we will be offering potential users the opportunity to try the product for free. We used this method to launch in other countries and it has been very successful. We provide a fee 30 day supply of the product to migraine sufferers to let them sample the product for themselves. We are so confident in its ability to prevent migraines we feel this is the best way to go to the market with a release.”


International doctor and renowned advocate of natural therapies, Dr. Mark Sircus, has been quoted as saying “ There is no healing system which is more powerful than that which employs natures primordial substances; materials so pure that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most drugs. There is a power and a force in magnesium that cannot be equalled anywhere in the world in medicine.”


Dr Sircus is a great advocate of magnesium”, said Mr Linford, “and we certainly share his enthusiasm at Regenex Laboratories. We encourage anyone with a passion for life and an interest in natural health to do themselves a great favour and try this unique supplement.” And the need for magnesium is supported by some of the greatest minds in our medical history. “Two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling said, ‘You can trace every ailment, every sickness and every disease to a mineral deficiency.’ And I believe magnesium is the most important mineral in the body.”

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