Migraine Stop is the marque product of Regenex Laboratories, a company that commenced operations in New Zealand and now has distribution in Australia, China, North America and the UK. My name is Mark Linford and I am the founder and CEO of Regenex Laboratories and this is my story.


In some ways it was by chance that I was guided into this business while trying to help my daughter to overcome her life of migraine headaches. Let me share her story with you.


It didn’t seem fair that at the age of 14, when she should have been enjoying her teen years, she started to get regular migraine headaches.


As she matured, her migraines grew more frequent and severe. From an active girl who played sport and enjoyed time with her friends, she was forced to withdraw inside to cope with repeated migraines that would last up to 3 days at a time.


When her attacks happened she would have to stay in bed in a dark room, for days at a time, until the pain passed. Heartbreaking for any parent to see your daughter like this, but even more frustrating when all the medical science in the world didn’t seem to help and in fact it just bought on more problems, with anxiety at the forefront.


This is probably an all too familiar story for any parent reading this.


We took her to her GP who started her on some basic medication and from there it was the now familiar cycle (that I have learned so much about) of seeing a neurologist who increases the meds to the more dangerous triptans and associated anti-depressants. We had her at chiropractors, physiotherapy, osteopaths, naturopaths (who should have known the magnesium secret, but didn’t), bowen therapy, hypnosis and finally botox.


I realised I had to do something myself. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry all my life (in complimentary medicine), so I was looking for evidence based information. It was actually one fateful day when her migraines were so bad we had to take her to the hospital ER and they put her on a drip, which fixed the problem in a matter of hours. When I asked what was in the drip I was informed it was a blend of mineral salts, but predominantly magnesium.


That was the commencement of a journey which uncovered some revelations about a mineral that is essential to over 300 functions within the human body, and from there we developed a product based around Magnesium that had the ability to reduce the severity and frequency of Migraine attacks, with little or no side effects.


What we did uncover is that it’s not quite as simple as just taking Magnesium on its own, as this vital mineral is not all that well absorbed by the body when taken orally, but over a 4 year period a team of dedicated research scientists assisted me in creating a combination of Magnesium with other vital elements (B group vitamins and zinc) which enhanced the bio-availability (absorption) of the Magnesium and made a simple oral supplement as effective as Magnesium taken by IV.


That’s our story and we hope you will give it a try for yourself. We can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, but we do guarantee that if it doesn’t work we will give you your money back. I feel that’s the least we can do.


Always feel free to ask questions about any aspect of your migraine treatment and how our product may help. Remember that famous saying – finding is reserved for seekers.