The Medical Miracle For Migraines That Has Got Everyone Talking

The Medical Miracle For Migraines That Has Got Everyone Talking

Magnesium is being hailed as a breakthrough in migraine pain management with its muscle relaxing properties well documented in scientific research.

But the Medical Fraternity gets no kick back from natural supplements, and that’s why they refuse to reveal the truth about how to relieve Migraines with well known vitamin and mineral combinations.

But here is the thing that very few people know. Magnesium doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier unless it is in combination with certain vitamins, including many of the B group vitamins. Nor does it enter the muscle tissue unless it is combined with Vitamin B6. So what does that all mean?

It means that if you only take a straight Magnesium supplement, much of the Magnesium you take is simply excreted from your body and has little or no effect. It simply flushes right through your system without crossing the blood brain barrier or entering muscle tissue, where it needs to be to do its work.

CEO at Regenex Laboratories, and leading migraine researcher, Mark Linford says that new manufacturing technologies are overcoming this setback with Magnesium and now natural supplement combinations are available that carry the magnesium into the blood stream where it needs to be. “At Regenex Labs we have been working on this technology for several years now. There are products available in other countries around the world using similar cutting edge technology and now we have launched a product for Australia and New Zealand that gives Magnesium the power to enter the blood stream and eliminate the debilitating pain of migraine and tension headaches.”

Migraine Stop, marketed by Regenex Laboratories, is a natural supplement combining Magnesium with Vitamin B6 and Zinc, as well as the well known plant extracts of Passionflower and Cramp Bark. This scientifially backed combination helps the magnesium cross the blood brain barrier and also ensures it pebetrates the soft muscle tissue where its relaxing properties can assist with migraine and tension headache relief.

International doctor and renowned advocate of natural therapies, Dr. Mark Sircus, has been quoted as saying “ There is no healing system which is more powerful than that which employs natures primordial substances; materials so pure that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most drugs. There is a power and a force in magnesium that cannot be equalled anywhere in the world in medicine.

“To launch Migraine Stop in Australia Mr Linford says the company is offering a 30 day supply for free. “We are so confident in our products ability to give users a pain free life we are offering a bottle of 90 capsules for free on trial to new customers. I don’t think any other company has ever had that sort of faith in their product, but we certainly do for Migraine Stop.”

The free trial is available at the companies global site – or the NZ site –

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